Sheet loading, Laser Marking, 6 axis gantry transfer

Hot Stamping Press is an innovative process by which advanced ultra high strength steel is formed into complex shapes more efficiently than with traditional cold stamping.
The process involves the heating of the steel blanks until they are malleable, followed by formation and then rapid cooling in specially designed dies, creating in the process a transformed and hardened material.
Because of this ability to efficiently combine strength and complexity, press hardened parts accomplish in one relatively light-weight piece what would typically require thicker, heavier parts welded together in more than one process under cold stamping.

Parts transfer(Robot), Parts Transfer(Gantry), Furnace and Conveyor

Hot Stamping parts therefore currently represent one of the most advanced lightweight solutions for the car body structure that simultaneously allows us to improve crash performance and passenger safety requirements.
Lofa Automation offer 6 axis gantry transfer, material handling, industrial handling robot system, conveyor, and laser cutting and marking system.